An overview of the projects in which DSD is / was involved:


Together with a business partner DSD made recommendations as to the redeveloping of the Sugar factory Plant in Ormoz into a multi functional business park. The objective is to create a Green Energy Park which includes a Bio-ethanol processing unit, a cattle feed processing capability, glasshouses as well as fish breeding.

The assignment of DSD included the preparing of plans on such issues as mass-balances for material, power, heat and water including costs & benefits and investment calculations. In addition hereto DSD made recommendations as to the optimization of the synergy between all separate installations as well as to analyze and report on different subsidy schedules.


The Netherlands:

DSD has prepared a basic study for a complete controlled Energy Park with Glasshouses. This plan concerns bio-ethanol production, fermenting DDGS of bio-ethanol with rest products from the glasshouses, power generation with the bio-gas from the fermenting process, rest heat from gas motors ( 6 MW) for the plant itself and supply electricity to the grid. Our task was concentrated on bio-ethanol production and co-generation of energy, calculation of mass -, power - and heat balances as well as to report on potential subsidy schemes and financing opportunities.

On request of a Cooperative Farmers association, DSD has prepared a cost and benefit calculation for a bio-ethanol production unit.



DSD is preparing a feasibility study for a farmers association which is willing to invest in the development of alternative crops and the processing of these. The study concerns the complete production chain of cultivation, processing, logistics, organization structure etc. until the final product. The market study is performed by a Canadian market research organization in close cooperation with us.



DSD provides as sub-contractor, for an existing cane sugar processing unit, expertise on the sugar technology and techniques. The task of DSD in this project is concentrated on the cane-sugar factory and the turnover to an ethanol plant with co-generation with bagasse. DSD has to review the synergy and the efficiency (power / heat balances, mass-balances over the whole site) of the different units and how it fits together.



DSD has been involved in the commissioning and supported the start up of a beet sugar and cane factory in Pakistan as a sub-contractor (Germany).



DSD is an independent company who's mission is to provide technical support and services in the Agri-Food & Bio-Fuel Industry as well as to contribute in the development of multi agri-based business parks. DSD is independent also in view to suppliers of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, equipment or contractors. DSD the partner for the preparation of detailed cost & benefit calculations for mentioned projects and / or to prepare business plans. Besides these activities, DSD possesses the know-how to support with subsidy applications, attract financing and investors and to support on other financial, legal and organizational aspects.

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